15 Weeks in Momma’s Belly

Now that mommy and daddy have shared the news with everyone, I can officially share that I’m 15 weeks old!  I’m about the size of a navel orange and love to ‘move & shake’ in mommy’s belly.  She can sometimes feel me, but I get tired pretty quickly and then need to rest and nap.  The doctor said that mommy and I are very healthy and doing well.  I have also been really ‘nice’ to mommy in that I haven’t caused her any morning sickness.  She even takes me on runs in the morning, or we go for a stroll with my ‘big brother’ Bruno at night.  However, I have made her much more tired since I’ve been growing, but daddy says she’s always tired!

Sooo… The “experts” says I’m about this size…

Navel orange

Mommy thinks I’m more along the lines of…


Daddy has no opinion on the matter.


One thought on “15 Weeks in Momma’s Belly

  1. Just for the record, much like the Christmas letter, Daddy-to-be is in charge of getting this up and running. The “honey-do list” continues to grow. Where does it end? Am I right guys?

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