17 Weeks in the Palm of Your Hand

Hooray me – I’m 17 weeks old this week, and about the size of an open hand.  I often find myself spending my days listening in to everything going on outside Mommy’s belly. So long story short, be sure to watch your language and conversational subject matter everyone. That includes you, Grandpa Meissner! Just kidding.  But really, I can hear you. So watch it. Just kidding. No, but seriously.

To be completely honest, not much seems to happen in the general vicinity of Mommy’s belly…she has been staying pretty busy at work, finishing up school, keeping the house in order, and giving Daddy a hard time. Daddy does nothing and often complains for something to do. When Mommy obliges with a “honey-do,” Daddy quickly quiets down and returns to his parking spot on the couch. He just tries to stay out of the way at this point.

One “voice” I hear a great deal of is my big brother Bruno (seen here in a much quieter state. This is quite misleading I must say – Big Brother Bruno Bernard). Its not really barking as much, its more of a pathetic and constant whimper. Daddy says he “whines like a little girl.” I’m not sure what Bruno sounds like exactly, not much listening experience for me to be qualified to compare, but I will say this, it sure is annoying. I guess he sounds a little like Daddy singing in the shower. It’s painful.

Everyday I keep growing bigger and bigger…  I’m over 3.5 ounces now and about 5 inches long!  No wonder Mamma’s appetite has turned John Candy-esque.

Its a wonder how Daddy keeps pace with Mommy’s weight gain. He could join the circus as a side show act – The Incredible Expanding (Gut) Man. Though Mommy will pretty much eat anything, her cravings (and my favorite food) are largely focused on pizza.  Mamma and I could eat it everyday (and would if it was more healthy). Mamma and I have it at least once a week – an extra large family sized pizza has turned into our version of a personal pan sized pizza for Mommy and me!  We like to follow that up with some chocolate covered frozen yogurt, trail mix, chex mix, gummy bears, and maybe even a little fruit. Yum!

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has given Mommy and Daddy advice on my blog, and sent them cards/letters in the mail.  I know they appreciate it, and love that all of you can share in the excitement with them! Keep it coming because its clear they have no idea what they’re getting into.


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