19 Weeks and I’m Getting Lazy

Sorry for the delay in posting this week. Guess I’m getting lazy in my old age.

At 19 weeks, I’m now the size of a large mango – clocking in at 6 inches long and 8 oz. in weight!  Getting bigger has started to cause some unwanted backaches for Mommy though – as her lower back is pulled forward and her belly is pushed out (I promise it’s not on purpose! Sorry Mommy!).  As I get bigger, Mommy’s ligaments continue to relax and her joints loosen to make room for my growing body.  She is tough though, and only whines occasionally (Right, daddy? (Nope. Constantly)). Daddy thinks Mommy whines and complains way too much.  I say, lets see him try carry a baby in his belly. Ain’t that right ladies?

dude pregnant 1                       dude pregnant 2

Daddy has come up with a solution to mommy’s backaches though. His solution you ask? Mommy should go mow the lawn for him, or haul some rocks around the house. He is sure that would “stretch” and “loosen” her back.  Not to worry though my faithful readers, as hard of time as Daddy gives Mommy, he would never let/make her do that.  He makes sure that Mommy and me are well rested, not stressed, and have very full tummies.

Speaking of full tummies, mommy’s appetite continues to soar!  Mommy has started to notice that her clothes have gotten a little tighter this week, and she may need to retire some of her slim fit jeans for relaxed fit and elastic band jeans for the months ahead!  Mommy has gained a total of about 6 lbs. so far. She still stays active though, and takes me on 5 mile runs about 5 times per week.  The doctor tells Mommy that she needs to eat more if she’s working out alot, but the second Concrete Mixer from Culver’s (think Dairy Queen Blizzard), which was suppose to be Daddy’s, should ensure sufficient caloric intake, at least for that week, I would guess. Happy Mother’s Day to Mommy I guess. And Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!


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