A Little Behind Schedule for Weeks 20-21

Sorry I’m a little behind schedule on weeks 20-21, everyone… I guess I’ve been spending too much time napping and/or dancin’ in mama’s belly! On May 20th mommy, daddy, and I went to my 20 week ultrasound. The doctor said that all my measurements are in the normal range (a little on the smaller end, but that was okay given mamma’s size) and my development thus far looks good and normal. Mommy and daddy looked away while the ultrasound technician measured and took pictures around my pelvic area… mommy was tempted to peek, but didn’t (no peeking, mommy!) and immediately asked the ultrasound technician afterwards if she knew…. which she did! Daddy still thinks I’m a girl, and since he’s right 89.5% of the time (or has this increased, daddy?) he’ll sometimes refer to me as “she,” but daddy and mommy won’t know until I arrive.


I’m also about the size of a cantaloupe now and weigh over 10 oz. My heart rate has been between 150 and 157 the past couple weeks, which is right in the middle of the average range so it’s good and strong. The doctor said that mama’s tummy will start growing about 1 cm per week, and she will gain about 1 lb. per week in the coming weeks. I’m growing bigger and stronger each day, and continue to stretch, kick, bend, and twist in mamma’s belly. She feels me moving a lot more these days, but it’s just me saying “hi” to mommy and to let her know that I love her and can’t wait to meet her. Pretty soon I’ll be big enough (and strong enough) so that I can tell daddy and my big brother Bruno that I love them too.

Can’t wait to meet all of you too!

Baby Meissner


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