I Don’t Know About You But I’m Feeling 22 (Weeks)

(Yes those are lyrics to a Taylor Swift song. I agree with Daddy, she is terrible.)

Guess what, everyone?!  I’m over 1 lb. in weight this week, and 8 inches long!  I’m about the size of a 1 lb. bag of sugar, and just as sweet! 🙂

This week, I’m starting to develop the sense of touch.  There’s not much for me to grab onto inside Mommy’s belly, except the umbilical cord, but don’t worry – it’s tough enough to handle it.  My sense of sight is also getting more developed this week.  I can perceive light and dark much better than before, but it’s mostly dark inside Mommy’s tummy, unless you would shine a flashlight on me.  My eyelashes and eyebrows are also well formed now too, and I have more hair sprouting up on my average-sized head (that’s right folks, so far I’m not tracking to have the big Meissner melon – Thank you, Mommy!).  So you may ask, “is my hair brown like Mommy’s, or dark blonde like Daddy’s?”  I actually don’t know yet, right now there is no pigment so it’s bright white!

Mommy and Daddy have also been diligently looking for childcare for me too.  So far, they’ve found a lot of providers that are at capacity and not accepting infants, and are on a waiting list with one in-home Christian daycare.  Mommy and Daddy met with some providers last week, and found one quite intriguing. They loved the facilities and curriculum.  I think I’d really like it there too!  She will read to me, play music (guitar and piano), and teach me about Jesus.  Each child is also assigned a color, and everything he/she gets – toothbrush, comb, cubbies, etc. is that color, which will help us learn colors too (I think Mommy likes that it will all be color-coordinated!).  Kids (and babies) have a very structured day, and are expected to have manners.  When I get bigger, I’ll learn that toys need to be picked up and hands washed before snack time, and I will learn that I need to ask to be excused from the table. I’ll have impeccable manners, just like my Dad.  However, there is one issue. And it’s fairly significant. The problem is that the waiting list (for an infant) is about 2 years right now, which is obviously not ideal. So, Mommy and Daddy ask that each of you say a little prayer. We are hopeful that an opening will become available, and I’ll be able to attend this special daycare when Mommy has to go back to work.


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