23 and Still Kicking

Get ready mommy, these are the weeks that I start getting big!

This week I’m clocking in at over 1 lb. in weight and over 8 inches in length.  The next four weeks are going to mark the month of rapid weight gain.  My doctor said that I’m going to double in weight within the next four weeks!   Fat begins developing this week and will fill in my “saggy” skin that I’m sporting now.  By the time I’m born, I’ll have perfect little chubby cheeks, chubby toes, and will be as cute as a button.  I’m also continuing to get bigger and stronger this week.  I’ve been kicking, stretching, twisting, and bending a lot more in Mommy’s belly this past week.  In fact, I said “hi” to Daddy last night and told him that I loved him with a few little kicks that he could feel outside Mommy’s belly.  I also karate-chopped my big brother Bruno on the head this week when he was snuggled up to Mommy’s tummy (just wanted to give my big brother some “love” before meeting him!). You could think of me as sort of the prequel to The Karate Kid, almost 30 years later.


At 23 weeks, my hearing is also well-developed.  I’m able to make out voices and noises inside Mommy’s belly and can recognize Mommy’s and Daddy’s voices.  Mommy is also getting me use to and accustomed to loud noises so I am comfortable with them when I’m outside her belly.  Mommy runs the vacuum at least 3 times a week (more like 3 times a day) and I’m getting pretty use to my big brother’s barking and whining.  I think that will be on my first week’s agenda: let’s teach my big brother Bruno to stop whining like a little girl (as Daddy would say).  If he keeps up this pace, I think he’ll be whining more than me and Mama combined. Daddy doesn’t think that’s at all likely since, according to him, Mommy is always whining.


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