25 Weeks and Two Thirds of the Way

I’m 25 weeks this week, and Mommy is almost to her third trimester – the countdown is on, folks!  I’m 9 inches long and weigh more than 1 1/2 lbs.  I’m about the size of two stacked juice boxes and weigh about the same as four of them (Where does Mommy come up with these explanations of my dimensions?).

This week is another big week for me because small blood vessels are beginning to form under my skin and turning my skin to a pinker color.  Later this week, blood vessels will also develop in my lungs, bringing them one step closer to full maturity, and being able to take my first breath of fresh air.  Not only are my lungs gearing up for air intake, my nostrils (which have been plugged up until now) are starting to open too (Eww, boogies.).  I guess it’s time for me to begin taking practice breaths so I’m ready for when I’m outside of Mommy’s belly.

Like last week, I’m still kicking, bending, twisting, and flexing in Mommy’s belly. She told Daddy that my movement has been getting more intense.  Daddy says it’s just because I’m so strong … just like him (Daddy never said that)!  Mommy moves around throughout the day though, which “rocks” me to sleep, but sometimes I just want to let loose and have a dance party… maybe it’s because I’m thinking about all of Daddy’s “lullabies” that he sings in the shower. He is really good.


Mommy and I also saw the doctor last Friday and our doctor said we’re doing great.  My heartbeat was around 140, and Mommy has gained about 12 lbs.  Mommy’s blood pressure was also nice and low and her test results came back normal for gestational diabetes and anemia.

Looks like Mommy and I are doing great so we again thank you for your continued prayers.


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