26 Weeks and I’m Getting Anxious

This week I weigh a full 2 lbs. and measure over nine inches long!  My eyes, which have previously been developing under fused eyelids, are starting to open this week as well.  There isn’t much to see inside Mommy’s belly, but if I spot a bright light or hear a loud noise near Mommy’s belly, I’ll open my eyes and do a little “dance” to let Mommy know that I’m in here and am ready for the party!

Mommy’s belly is also getting bigger and bigger each and every week.  Her belly button, which was once a perfect “innie,” now pops out like a timer on a well-done turkey!  However, her protruding navel and enlarging belly is no problem for my big brother Bruno.  He still snuggles in close to me and Mommy resting his head on Mommy’s growing belly (right on top of me!).



This week my brain-wave activity is also kicking in, which means I can not only hear noises, but can also respond to them.  Not in words (of course), but with an increase in pulse rate or activity.  I can kick Mommy when Daddy is singing (my way of telling Mommy to tell Daddy – Be quiet Daddy, I’m trying to sleep!), jump when Bruno barks if he wakes me from a little nap (just wait big brother, I will be the one waking you up pretty soon), and can rock out with some of Daddy’s dance moves when Mommy is listening to music.  I must say, life is pretty good right now, but I am getting anxious to meet ya’all.  I just need to get a little bigger and stronger, but I’ll be here before you know it. Start counting down!


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