28 Weeks and Hungrier Than Ever

This week is the mark of Mommy’s third trimester – yay!  I now weigh 2 1/2 lbs. and measure almost 16 inches in length!  Similar to prior weeks, Mommy’s appetite continues to soar again this week.  Last night, she polished off not one, but two bowls of ice cream after dinner.  I guess the next 12 weeks will not only be big growth and development weeks for me, but big weeks of eating for Mommy before I make my big debut in October (-ish)!  No worries though, Mommy and I stay pretty active.


This week my brain wave activity also continues to increase.  I’m now experiencing different sleep cycles, including the rapid eye movement phase when dreaming occurs (now I can dream about Mommy and Daddy, and even my big brother Bruno).  I can also blink, cough, suck, and breathe better this week as well, which is preparing me for life outside Mommy’s tummy.  However, I’m not ready to check out of tummy hotel just yet – I still have a lot of growing and maturing that I need to do in the next 12 weeks, but I’ll get there!

Next month will also be a big month for Mommy and Daddy.  Not only will they start their parenting, feeding, birthing, and infant care classes, they’ll also be touring the hospital so they can see where I’ll be born, what they need to do, where they need to go, and where they’ll be staying after my arrival.  Daddy’s focus will be on the size and availability of TV’s within the rooms and on the floor (just in case I decide to make my debut on Packer Sunday!), and Mommy will likely handle everything else.  Although, I’m sure Mommy will have a list of items that Daddy needs to do when I’m ready to come like remembering the hospital bag, calling someone to pick-up/check on my big brother Bruno, making sure the car has a full tank of gas so we don’t have to stop and get gas while Mommy is in labor, calling my new grandparents to share the news, etc., etc.  According to Daddy though, he says he does everything, so I’m sure you already have these things on your list – right, Daddy?! 🙂 (Yes, Baby Meissner, I got it handled).


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