31 Weeks and It’s Time For More Partying

I want to again thank all of you who were able to attend Mommy’s baby shower for me at Grandma & Grandpa Meissner’s house this past weekend!  You are all so thoughtful and generous, and I feel so blessed to know that I will soon be a part of this family.  Mommy and Daddy greatly appreciate all the gifts, thoughts, and prayers.  They are truly grateful that I will grow up around such loving and faithful family and friends.

A special shout out for some really special people that helped make this event very memorable. Grandma Meissner, Aunt Dawn, Aunt Kim, and Aunt Kriste – thanks for such a wonderful day. I love you all and so do Mommy and Daddy.

DSC03388 DSC03386 DSC03382 DSC03374 DSC03366 DSC03363 DSC03339 DSC03342 DSC03345 DSC03351 DSC03354 DSC03355

This week, I’m weighing in at over 3 lbs. and measuring 18 inches long!  While I still have a few more pounds to gain before my debut, I’m getting closer to the “finish line” every week.

At 31 weeks, my brain continues to work overtime and is developing faster than ever (thank you for eating your omega-3’s, Mommy!).  I can now perceive information from all five senses.  Sure, I can’t smell anything right now, but that’s only because I’m still inside Mommy’s tummy.  When I’m born though, the very first scents that I’ll likely breathe in will be Mommy’s and Daddy’s, which will quickly become my favorite.

These days, I typically spend my time making faces, hiccupping, swallowing, breathing, “pedaling” with my hands and feet along Mommy’s tummy, and even occasionally sucking my thumb.  Mommy and I are still doing great and had our 31 week appointment on Tuesday.  Mommy’s blood pressure is still nice and low, she’s gained about 18 lbs. so far, and my heartbeat was around 145 again.  Although, I didn’t like it when the doctor was putting some pressure on Mommy’s tummy as my heart rate spiked up to 170.  The doctor said that was great, as it means that my heart is very strong and healthy.


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