32 Weeks and It’s Time to Go on Tour

This week is all about preparation for birth!  At 32 weeks, I weigh almost 4 pounds and am up to 19 inches in length!  While I prepare for life outside Mommy’s tummy, Mommy and Daddy are preparing for life with me.  Mommy went to her first breastfeeding class last week, and Mommy and Daddy start their Parenting Class series tomorrow.  Daddy thinks he’ll be bored at these classes, but Mommy keeps telling him that it will be good for them, and they need to learn as much as they can before my debut.  My guess is that Daddy will be on his phone checking sports scores and his fantasy leagues while Mommy takes all the notes!  Be a good student, Daddy!

This week I’ve also changed positions, and have settled in to a head-down, bottoms-up position to prepare for birth.  These days, it’s getting a little more crowded in Mommy’s tummy, but I’m still able to kick, tap, punch, and squirm.  Sometimes I forget just how big and strong I am, and make Mommy jump a little (sorry, Mommy!), but it’s just me practicing up my dance moves.

Mommy and Daddy also had their OB tour at St. Mary’s Hospital on Sunday.  Write this down folks, I’ll be born at St. Mary’s Hospital, 700 South Park Street in Madison. At the OB tour, Daddy was given instructions on parking and the valet service, parking vouchers, and where he needs to take Mommy once we arrive.  Mommy will first be taken to the Triage room to see if she is indeed in labor, and then will be transferred to a labor and delivery room.  This room is quite large and has a Jacuzzi tub for Mommy to use while she is in labor.  The room also has a large TV so Daddy won’t need to worry about missing a big play if I happen to arrive around noon on Packer Sunday.  After a couple hours after I arrive, Mommy, Daddy, and I will then be moved to another room where we’ll spend the rest of our time at the hospital.  St. Mary’s is very flexible with visiting hours as well, as long as it’s okay with Mommy, visitors are welcome at any time.

Here is a brief pictorial tour of what our stay will be like.

Triage Room – This is where we will enter until it is determined we are indeed in labor:


Here is the hallway that takes us to our Birthing Suite. (Really Daddy, a picture of the hallway?!?! It’s ok, I know you’re excited!)


The Birthing Suite. This is where I will actually be born.

20130811_15401620130811_15400620130811_154027 20130811_154032 20130811_154036 20130811_154038 20130811_154042

Here is the room (not sure what its called) where we will spend a night or two before we make our trip home:

20130811_154823 20130811_154816 20130811_154828 20130811_154830

And here is where you all will be patiently waiting to meet me (should you choose to make the trip):

20130811_154950 20130811_154951


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