34 Weeks and Time to “Start” Planning

This week is another big week for me as I’m getting closer and closer to making my debut!  I weigh about 5 lbs. now, and could be near 20″ in length (or at least that is what the experts say).  My fingernails have also reached the tips of my fingers so I’ll be ready for a manicure soon (time to show me what you do to keep your nails so nice, Daddy!).  I’ve also been listening in to the music Daddy has been playing for me every night, and paying close attention every time Mommy reads to me.  I’ve been moving a lot more each and every day, and have even been producing some mild contractions for Mommy as we get ready for my birth.  Mommy’s doctor says my head is down so I’m in position for when the day arrives!

This week Mommy and Daddy (yes, even Daddy) are all about planning!  They have purchased most of the items that they’ll need before I arrive, and are getting things ready for when it’s time to go to the hospital.


Daddy has all the needed labor & delivery numbers programmed into his phone, will install the car seat bases this week, and finish up his last “to-do’s” in the nursery (e.g. secure the changing pad to the changing table, install/hang the video monitor camera, hang picture frames, install a new ceiling fan, etc).  Actually, it’s likely Daddy will make Uncle Dustin and Grandpa Meissner do that for him. Daddy lacks the abilities of precise measurement, trade skills, and general “Manliness.”

Mommy has all my things washed, organized, and put away (not sure if this is just Mommy being Mommy, or if she is in the “nesting” phase), and plans to pack our hospital bags and get the seat bases inspected by the Fire Department this week. I’m definitely getting a front row view of what Daddy would call Mommy’s OCD. Just a few more things to do, and they’ll be ready for me to arrive at any time. Although, I don’t plan on coming early and would like to wait until I’m full term before making my debut, so don’t worry anyone! Keep us in your prayers and see you soon!


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