35 Weeks & The To-Do List Continues to Dwindle

This week I’m about 20 inches in length and five and a half pounds in weight!  Most of my growth over the next month will be in weight (anywhere from one to several pounds per week), rather than height.  My once skinny little arms and legs have also started to plump up this week as my body fat is approximately fifteen percent now, and will increase to thirty percent by term.

Daddy (with my big brother Bruno’s “assistance”) was busy this past weekend assembling all the equipment that I’ll be using after I make my debut.  Daddy’s favorite is definitely the Mamaroo as he’s already tested it out several times (I think Daddy is more excited about this swing than me!).  Daddy has even tested streaming his music through the swing speakers so I’ll be able to listen to the same music as Daddy while I take a “ride.”


Daddy and Bruno (although I don’t think my big brother was much help – was he, Daddy?) also assembled my 4-in-1 high chair and exersaucer.  Now I really can’t wait to make my debut so I can test out all my new equipment and toys!


(Notice Bruno hard at work. Thanks big brother!)


(Took Daddy over an hour, but he finally got it done.)


(Almost done Daddy.)


(Once again, Bruno just getting things done.)

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the next month or so…  Daddy will keep you all posted on when Mommy and I go in to the hospital, and when I’m born.  Love you all, and thank you for your continued prayers.


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