36 Weeks and Ready to Go… When I’m Ready to Go

This week is another big week for me as I am preparing for birth.  I weigh about 6 lbs. now, and am almost 20 inches in length.  My growth has actually slowed down some this week (and will in the coming weeks) so I can better fit through the birth canal, and also store up the energy that I’ll need for delivery.  Although, you probably wouldn’t guess that as Mommy’s belly continues to grow!


My skull also remains soft (and huge to support my gigantic brain), but will harden over the next couple years, to allow for an easier squeeze during delivery.  These bones are not fused together yet so that my head can easily (well, relatively easily) maneuver through the birth canal.  I’m also in position (and have been for a few weeks) for delivery.  My head is down so I’ll be ready to make my descent in the next few weeks.  Many of my systems are also mature now, so I’m just about ready for life outside Mommy’s tummy.

Mommy and Daddy continue to finish up all the last little things before I arrive.  The nursery is done (with the exception of the glider and ottoman that should be arriving in the next couple weeks), diapers and wipes are stocked and ready, clothes and blankets are washed, and all the bags (including my big brother Bruno’s “hospital” bag) are packed. Daddy even hung all the picture frames (Don’t worry Grandpa Meissner and Uncle Dustin – Daddy ensures me that they are level and spaced in the exact manner he had hoped. Well, level-ish and close enough).  Mommy and Daddy will also be done with their parenting classes next week (Happy Graduation, Mommy and Daddy!) so now they will be highly educated and will have all the answers they need, right?! :-).

Even though I think there’s still a few weeks yet before I make my debut, Mommy and Daddy are ready for when that day (or night) arrives! Keep us in your prayers.


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