37 Weeks of Pizza

With only three more weeks to go, I’m considered full-term this week!  While I haven’t decided if I’ll be sociably early, fashionably late, or precisely right on time, the doctors say that Mommy can safely go into labor any day now.

Right now I weigh about six and a half pounds, and am gaining approximately a half an ounce per day!  Mommy has definitely noticed my weight gain the past couple weeks as her tummy continues to expand and grow, and seems to “get in the way” more often than not.  Putting on shoes, socks, or bending over to pick up my big brother Bruno’s toys has been a bit more challenging for Mommy as of lately, as I don’t make it easy for her to bend at the belly (sorry Mommy!).  She’s also found that her belly has taken on the form of a “shelf,” as she’ll look down at times and find some remnants of her latest snack sitting on her belly (just like when Daddy eats a snack!).


So, I’m sure the big question still remains, am I a boy or girl?  Well if you asked Daddy, he will likely tell you that he’s (at least) 90% certain that I’m a girl.  He doesn’t have anything to base this on, but he has a “feeling” that I’m going to be a girl.  If you ask Mommy, she might say boy, and she might say girl.  Mommy has been wavering between boy or girl the past few months (Just guess and stick with it Mommy!).  She’s carrying low, hasn’t been sick her entire pregnancy, and continues to have a never-ending appetite (a foreshadowing of the teenage boy refrigerator raids to come?), but my heart rate has been above 140 at all check-ups (which follows many urban legends that say I’ll be a girl).  Boy or girl, Mommy and Daddy don’t care.  The most important is that I am happy and healthy, so we again ask for and thank you for your continued prayers.  See you soon!


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