38 Weeks and Mom and Dad Have Nothing To Do

ETA is approximately 2 weeks now that I am 38 weeks old! This week, I weigh close to 7 lbs. and am around 20 inches in length.  As I prepare for D-day, my vernix and lanugo continue to shed from my body into the amniotic fluid, and my lungs continue to mature as more and more suffactant is secreted (this helps prevent my lungs from sticking to each when I begin to breathe on my own), so all systems are almost ready to go!

At 38 weeks, Mommy & Daddy have also been “busy” … busy doing nothing!  Everything on their “to-do” list is done (well, until Mommy thinks of something else for Daddy to do that is!).  My nursery is officially done, and Daddy credits himself for the decorating (i.e. actually having something on the walls), but don’t let Daddy fool you, Mommy was the one who crafted all the wall pictures and put up the wall decals!

My big brother Bruno will take you on a quick tour…








… That was exhausting. Nap time.

With the bags packed, car loaded, diapers and wipes stocked, Mommy and Daddy are ready for me to come anytime!  Mommy would like me to “bake” in her tummy until I’m 40 weeks old, but Daddy says that next weekend would be a good time for me to arrive because the Packers have a bye!  Oh Daddy, I’ll be ready to help you cheer on the Pack as soon as I arrive!  I might need a couple feedings, or need to take a little nap during the game, but I promise I’ll be cheering with you when I’m awake!


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