6 Weeks Old and It’s Getting Cold

Now that I’m six weeks old, Mommy and Daddy have (for the most part) cracked my crying code. They know that a short and low-pitched cry (accompanied by frantic hand sucking, rooting, and grunting) means I’m hungry, intermittent fussiness (and grunting) means I’m bored and need a change of scenery (i.e. a different ceiling fan to look at, room, or window), and continuous fussiness and whining means I’m overtired (which has been occurring a lot the past few evenings).  I don’t mean to get myself overtired, but I fight hard to stay awake during the day because I don’t want to miss out on anything — sorry Mommy and Daddy!

This week (like many of the weeks prior), I’m also been keeping Mommy busy with lots of bodily activities: spitting up, passing gas, and those occasional explosive diaper blowouts (sorry, Mommy)!  We’ve also ventured out for doctors appointments, trips to Target, and our daily visit to Starbucks.  Whether we’re ready or not, we live in Wisconsin and winter is quickly approaching.  Mommy is sure to bundle me up when we go outside (whether I like it or not!). So bring on the snow and below zero temperatures, I’m ready!

20131111_132614[1] 20131111_132807[1]


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