7 Weeks Old and I Just Discovered I Have Hands

This week I’ve discovered something new … my hands!  While I always knew they were there, I didn’t spend much time grabbing, holding, or batting at things.  Although I can’t grab objects just yet, I can wrap my hands around things (like Mommy’s hair!) and don’t easily let go. Mommy’s solution? Getting her hair cut to shoulder length. Darn it!

I’m also becoming more alert and learning new things each day.  Mommy and Daddy continue to introduce new textures for my hands to feel, new sights to see, and new sounds to hear (like Daddy’s singing!) to help me learn each and every day.  Mommy also spends time helping my eyes track objects.  When Mommy is very close to my face, I’m beginning to be able to follow her while she talks and moves her head back and forth.

This week I’ve also been practicing sitting up.  As my neck becomes stronger, Mommy has been practicing propping me up with a pillow, or holding me in an upright position.  Many times I will hold my head on my own for a short period, and even arch my back to sit up straight.  Look at me go!

Brady_sitting up Brady_sitting up2


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