9 Weeks with Some Smiles and Some Tears

Now that I’m 9 weeks old, I’ve spent a lot more time smiling and cooing.  I mimic Mommy, and Mommy mimics me.  When Mommy smiles, I smile.  When I coo, she coos (well, kind of. It sounds more like “O” when Mommy does it, but she tries).

I also like to study Mommy’s face.  I lock onto her eyes and try my hardest to hold my head for as long as I can, which by the way, is getting stronger every day.  I can hold my head up for a little while when I’m sitting up now, and can even lift my head up when I’m over Mommy’s shoulder.  It won’t be long and I’ll be stronger than Daddy!

9 weeks 9 weeks_smile

I want to end my post today by celebrating the life and memory of Barb Biddick (a dear relative, friend, and model for us all).  We will miss Barb dearly, but know that we will see her again.  She was an angel here on Earth, and is now an angel in Heaven.  Our lives are blessed for the time we had with her, and those memories will last forever.



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