10 Weeks and Picking Up Some Chicks

Look at me grow, everyone!  This week I weigh 12.2 lbs. and am measuring 22 inches.  I’m in the 4th percentile for length, 31st percentile for weight, and 64th percentile for head circumference.  I’d like to once again thank Daddy for passing along his “huge brain” (as Daddy would say) to me.  My doctor said that the rest of me will catch up.  I think I’m going to be one smart little dude!

At my appointment this week, I also had to get my first set of immunizations.  I was brave, and only cried a little.  Once Mommy picked me up after they were done poking me, I was happy, but I gave her that look as to ask “Why Mommy, why?”  I go back again for more immunizations when I’m 4 months, ugggggh.

My doctor was also surprised at how strong I am!  As I was laying on the table, I needed to show-off a little, and demonstrated how I could roll myself from side-to-side.  I can’t quite roll myself over yet, but I’m working on it.  My doctor told Mommy that was pretty amazing and advanced for my age.  I guess I’m a natural … already impressing the ladies, not only with my athleticism, but also with my charm and good looks!  Aren’t I cute?!



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