14 Weeks and Man I’m Tired

This week has been a week of milestones for me.  Now that I’m 14 weeks old, I had to say good-bye to Mommy being home with me all day everyday, as she started back to work last week.  She only worked three days last week so my great grandma JoAnn and Gabby (her dog) came down to spend time with me (wohoo!).  Mommy came home the first day over her lunch to see me, but I spent the whole time snoozing – sorry Mommy, I was tired – but at least she had a chance to talk with grandma.  Yesterday I started my first day at daycare.  Daddy dropped me off, and Mommy picked me up.  Sara (my daycare provider) said I did ‘GREAT!’  She told Mommy that I was very happy and enjoyed the interaction of all the other kids, which I did!  There is a total of four kids there (including me).  The next youngest is over 2, so I just watched them play.  I think the transition to daycare was harder on Mommy than it was on me.  So I just gave Mommy and Daddy a little smile (before Daddy left and when Mommy came to pick me up) to let them know that it was okay, and I’m doing great.

Another big milestone for me actually happened last night …. I slept through the night!  Mommy woke up around the time that I usually wake up (between 1-2 AM), and watched me on the monitor for a little while.  I moved around a little bit and made a few noises, but I never cried, and got myself back to sleep.  Before I knew it, it was after 5 AM and Mommy was waking me up to feed!  I kind of like sleeping through the night (and so does my big brother Bruno) so I think I’m going to try it again tonight!



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