4 Month French Kiss

Once again, I’ve discovered something new …. my tongue!  I never knew how much fun it would be to stick it out, put it back in, and lick my lips (and chin!) over and over and over again.

Mommy and Daddy are on the fence about my new discovery though … I don’t think they know whether to laugh, or tell me to quit sticking it out!  Every time Mommy wants to get a picture I know I should smile, but I just can’t help myself — I need to stick out my tongue!

16 weeks_tongue

In case you’re wondering, everything else is A-ok.  I am good, Mommy and Daddy are good, and Bruno is good.  We’ve begun to fall into a routine during the week once again (even my big brother Bruno is getting his 18 hours of sleep per day again!).  My favorite part of the day though is when I get kisses.  Mommy gets to give me a kiss when she picks me up from daycare after work, and Daddy gets to give me a kiss when he drops me off at daycare before work.  I’m still figuring out the whole “kiss” thing … right now it’s open mouth and sometimes my tongue is out, but I like it!  So look out ladies, another little Meissner man is here!


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