18 Weeks and I Just Realized I Have Hands

This week is all about discovering and exploring.  Now that I’m 18 weeks old, I’m starting to reach, grab, and bat at my toys.  I love the ones with lots of color (yes Mommy, color is good!), and the ones that make a crinkle sound when I grab them.  I like to look them over and move my hands along them to feel the different textures and hear the different sounds.  Mommy and Daddy will play with me too, and move the toys back and forth in front of me.  I’m able to practice turning my head from side to side and follow the toy with my eyes.  Not to brag, but I’m pretty good at it, and just wait … pretty soon it will be me waving my toys in front of Bruno!
I also like to sit in my bumbo chair and play.  My neck and shoulders are really strong so I’m able to sit up pretty well.  Sometimes I get tired and will slouch or lean to one side, so Mommy and Daddy give me a little break so I can rest up before trying it again.  Every time I sit up, practice rolling over, or have tummy time, I’m getting stronger and stronger (and I need to be strong to hold up my big head that I got from Daddy!)… and it won’t be long and I’ll be rolling over and sitting up all by myself!
Brady_Bumbo 17 weeks

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