19 Weeks and Getting Big

At 19 weeks, this week was just another week for me.  I’m still working on rolling over (and am getting closer and closer everyday).  I still love playing with my toys.  I still kick my feet up with excitement.  And I’m still sleeping through the night for about 11-12 hours.  All-in-all I’m doing good, and am getting bigger and bigger everyday!
Speaking of getting bigger, Mommy and I went to the doctor for my four-month appointment on Friday.  Yep, it was that time again … time to get measured, weighed, and more shots – urgh!  My doctor says I’m doing great though, and thought that I might be finding my place on the growth charts as I saw a big jump from my two month appointment!  I now weigh 15 lbs. 11 oz., and was in the 50th percentile.  I measured 25.5″ in the 57th percentile, and my head topped the charts at 42 cm in the 70th percentile.  Mommy also had to move me up one size in diapers (I’m now in size 3), and I’m getting close to outgrowing some of my six month clothes! 
I’m also a good eater.  I eat about 18-20 oz. of milk a day at daycare, and have begun to watch Mommy and Daddy while they eat.  I’m starting to show some interest in food, so it won’t be long until I start raiding the refrigerator!  I guess you can say I’m all boy … just like Daddy and Bruno!    
19 weeks #2

19 weeks


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