20 Weeks With Some Celebration “Highs” and “Lows”

This week was another big week for me because I got to celebrate two birthdays… on Saturday my cousin Madden turned 2, and on Monday my Daddy turned 33 – Happy Birthday, Madden and Daddy!

For Madden’s birthday, we spent the afternoon in the “big town” of Auburndale at my Uncle Dustin and Aunt Kimmie’s house.  We had lots of fun playing games, eating food, and hanging out.  My cousin Mason even held me for a while, and as you can see I “grabbed” on and didn’t want to let go!  Sorry Mason!

Brady&Mason_20 weeks

Yesterday Mommy, Daddy, and I celebrated Daddy’s birthday… well, kind of.  Daddy originally had the day all planned out, but it turned out that neither one of us were feeling 100% when we woke up.  Mommy ended up taking me to the doctor yesterday afternoon, but I’m happy to report that I’m okay (no fever, strep throat, ear infection, etc.), but the doctor does think that I have some teeth moving around.   I’m trying my best to be happy, but I just don’t like teething… it stinks.

Brady_19 weeks

Daddy didn’t go to the doctor like I did, but after we got back from lunch (which included a free balloon that he gave to me!) he spent the rest of the afternoon (and night) lying on the couch.  Some of you may be thinking that isn’t much different from any other day (and you are correct), but this time he complained a lot more … and Daddy calls me the “baby”!?!  Just kidding, Daddy 🙂  Mommy and I did rent a couple movies to watch with Daddy, and he said that was the best “celebration” ever because all he really wanted to do was spend time with us.  So Happy Birthday, Daddy!  We love you!


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