23 Weeks with the “B’s”

This week was all about the B’s … Bucky, Bango, Bucks, and bare chests! 

My weekend started with attending the Madison Kids Expo.  There were kids, parents, vendors, and strollers everywhere!  I watched all the excitement and even (drumroll please) …. got to meet Bucky!  That’s right, Bucky was there!  He shook my hand and even patted me on the top of my head.  I thought he was pretty cool and I can’t wait to meet him again!


The next “B’s” for the weekend were Bango and Bucks basketball.   Mommy, Daddy, and I went to my first Bucks game on Sunday!  Even though the Bucks aren’t very good this season, I still had fun.  It was also Bango’s birthday so I got a Bango lunchbox!  I loved watching all the people, cheerleaders, lights, and big screen (although the cheerleaders were my favorite!).  By the end of the third quarter I was getting pretty tired though, so Mommy and Daddy decided it was time to go as it was too loud for me to catch some z’s at the game (there were some very excited kids sitting behind us that kept screaming for Bango!).


The weekend ended with my final “B”… Daddy and I “showing off” our bare chests!  I know what you’re thinking – we’re such strong men, which you are correct!  I thought it was so funny that Daddy and I were both shirtless that I couldn’t stop laughing!   The real story, however, is that I blew out my diaper on the way home from the Buck’s game.  Daddy and I were waiting for Mommy to get my bath ready (and we all know that Daddy thinks Mommy has one speed – slow!) so I chilled in my diaper with Daddy while we waited.  And actually, we didn’t have to wait long but sometimes Daddy lacks patience!

Love you Mommy & Daddy!



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