25 Weeks and the Final Four

This week I’m staying focused. Focused on the big win that the Badgers had last Saturday (making it to the Final Four in overtime!), and focused on their next big win when we get the “w” this Saturday! It’s going to be a tough game, but Mommy, Daddy, Bruno, and I are ready. We’ll get outfitted in our Badger gear around 7pm. Daddy will start getting us pumped up, and then I’ll be tuckered out – ready for bed before tip off. But don’t worry all you diehard Badger fans, I’ll still be cheering … cheering in my dreams …. and I guess that’s probably because I’ll hear my Daddy. Mommy attempts to be the noise police, and even says that Daddy has to pick up all of Bruno’s poop out front (which has piled up over the winter) if he wakes me up. But Daddy just can’t help himself; he gets too excited … and ultimately got a new chore added to his list last Saturday. I’m not sure what this Saturday will bring, but I’m guessing Daddy will get yet another chore 🙂  The good news is I’m always able to go back to sleep, so no worries Daddy.

Now I expect all of you Badger fans to clear your schedules for Saturday night. You have a date with your TV at 7:49PM to watch the Wisconsin Badgers take on Kentucky. Go Bucky!

Badgers_25 weeks


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