27 Weeks and Two New Pearly Whites

It’s been a little over a week and the verdict is in … solids are great!  I’m eating two meals of rice cereal a day now (one in the morning at daycare, and one in the evening with Mommy and Daddy).  I open my mouth up wide and bring my head to the spoon as quickly as I can (sometimes a little too quickly that I slam my cheek or nose into the spoon – oops!).  But, I’ve mastered swallowing the food down without spitting any out.  I really like eating solids and can’t wait to start my next food.  Mommy said orange food is next, so maybe some carrots or squash from Grandma & Grandpa Heppner’s garden!

This week I’d also like to report that I now have two teeth!  My very first tooth on the bottom poked through April 2nd!  A few days later my second tooth on the bottom made its debut!  Mommy thinks that a top front tooth may poke through in the next couple days too.  She told Daddy that she felt a little something in there, so I’m sure it won’t be long and I’ll have three teeth!  Wahoo!

So, how am I handling getting these new pearly whites?  Like a champ of course!  I don’t cry, fuss, or wake up during the night.  I’m trying to be a trooper and just chew on one of the many teethers that Mommy got for me and drool … a lot!

Check out my two new pearly whites (on the bottom) – can you see them?!  A couple new teeth and messy face after eating! 🙂




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