28 Weeks and Boy Am I Getting Big!

This week was another milestone for me.  I had my 6 month wellness check-up where I got measured, weighed, and … more shots – urgh! 

At 28 weeks, I am getting big.  I now weigh 18.5 lbs. and am in the 63rd percentile.  Daddy thinks that the scale must have been broken at the doctor’s office as he was certain that I’d be over 20 lbs.  Sorry Daddy, I guess you were wrong again!  Pretty soon you won’t be able to say that you’re “right 89% of the time” anymore 🙂  However, Mommy and Daddy did accurately predict that my head would be above average.  It measured 17.3 cm, and when the nurse went to put the measuring tape around my head, she said “oh, he’s got a big one” and had to adjust the tape out before she could fit it around my head.  She said that was okay though, it just means that I have a big brain.  And to my defense, my head was only in the 64th percentile so its growing curve has slowed some (thank you Mommy for having a small head to offset Daddy’s big noggin!).  What Mommy and Daddy didn’t expect, however, was my length…  Mommy knew that I was tall boy, but I topped the charts!  I’m 28 inches long and am in the 91st percentile for length!  I think I have some Reichelt genes (Grandma Heppner’s side) in me!

I also had my 6 months pictures taken over the weekend too. I was sleepy, but I managed to get in a few smiles for Mommy and Daddy … check them out.





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