29 Weeks With My Big Brother

At 29 weeks, I have found myself becoming more and more interested in my big brother Bruno.  He’s hairy.  He sticks out his tongue.  He darts back and forth across the living room, then into the kitchen, and back down the hallway.  He moves quicker than I can move my head to watch him!  He jumps up for his toys.  He jumps up on the couch to look out the window … and bark.  He will play fetch with Mommy and Daddy for hours on end (that is, if Mommy and Daddy are willing to throw him his ball for hours on end).  All in all, Bruno gets an A+ as a big brother and we’re buddies!

However, Bruno doesn’t quite understand that I can’t throw him his ball at 6 ½ months old.  When I’m rolling around and playing on the floor, Bruno will come by me and drop his ball.  He will look at me, look at his ball, and then look back at me… as if he were saying, “Little bro, can you please please please throw me my ball?  Can you? Can you?”  Unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured out how to throw a ball yet (yet alone grab it quickly enough so it doesn’t roll out of my reach)!  I’m working on this though.  So in the meantime, I guess Bruno and I will just look and stare at each other, and watch Mommy watch us!





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