30 Weeks and My First G-Sales!

Last weekend was Sun Prairie’s annual city-wide garage sales, and my first time going to garage sales!  Mommy, Daddy, Bruno, and I headed out late morning last Friday to “get the deals” (as Daddy would say).  We weren’t even a block away from our house and Daddy was ready to turn around and take my big brother Bruno home!  Bruno was whining without end in excitement, and ya’ll know how much patience my Daddy has… we didn’t take Bruno home, but Daddy spent most of the day scolding him to try and keep him quiet up in the front seat, while Mommy and I giggled in the back (sorry Daddy!).

Overall, going to garage sales was a success (for me anyways because everything Mommy bought was for me!).  She got me lots of like-new toys and books.  What is my favorite?  My new monkey jumperoo!  I could jump in it all day, but slowed down just long enough for Mommy to get a couple pictures, but she had to make it quick!





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