33 Weeks and Tug-a-War

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again … Bruno and I are going to be good buddies!

Now that I’m able to crawl over to Bruno (and his toys), we have “officially” started to play together this week. While I can’t throw his ball for him just yet, I can hang on to his tug-a-war rope… and I think it’s really funny when he pulls on his rope and shakes his head back and forth too! Since I’m not quite strong enough to hang on to his rope when he is pulling, Bruno will drop it out of his mouth when I let go and doesn’t pick it up again until I’ve grabbed back on.  Good boy, Bruno!  And even though our “tug-a-war” sessions are really short, I think it’s pretty cool that my big brother is playing with me!  






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