34 Weeks With A New Pearly White and Some Zzz’s

Guess what Mommy discovered on Sunday morning (June 1st)?!  …another new pearly white for me!  That’s right, I had another tooth poke through this weekend!  My top tooth in the front is peeking through and I’ve handled it (once again) like a champ.  Yay me!

With all these changes, I’ve been trying to get some rest too.  Lately, I’ve been falling asleep while Mommy is nursing me, and will take a short little “cat nap.”  This weekend I fell asleep while Mommy and Daddy were watching a movie, so Mommy laid me down on the floor in the living room.  I woke up a little when she laid me down, and rolled myself off the boppy pillow.  However, I was too tired to move any further and fell back asleep… face first into the boppy!  While I was taking my “cat nap,” Mommy and Daddy snapped some pictures!  Mommy and Daddy that was not nice, but I love you!









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