35 Weeks and Who Needs Toys?

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I know it’s not Friday yet, but we only have one day to go!  And sorry I’m a little behind with posting my blog this week, Mommy has been very busy with work so Daddy and I have been trying to help out as much as possible.

This week I’ve discovered that I don’t really need any toys to entertain myself.  In fact, what I really like is everything that isn’t mine!  The remotes, Mommy and Daddy’s phones, DVDs, the Blu-Ray player, Bruno’s toys, the fireplace, Daddy’s drinks, and the garbage can are all my favorites!  Mommy and Daddy have caught on though now… they quickly move glasses, remotes, and their phones as soon as they see me “lock on” and start making a mad dash for them.  They also put a lock on the fireplace doors as I learned to open these up.  Mommy and Daddy, you are no fun!

Actually, Mommy and Daddy are really the best!  Last night they let me play with the Redbox case from their movie and the garbage can.  So I guess it’s a good thing that Mommy keeps the garbage can clean and disinfected, because I really like to play with it!

Check out all my toys in the living room… like I said, who needs toys when you have a garbage can and Redbox case to play with!




I also like to crawl under my jumperoo and pretend it’s a fort! … I was a busy boy last night!




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