37 Weeks and My First Visit to Ella’s Deli!

This week was an exciting week for me because not only did Grandpa and Grandma Heppner come to see me, they also took me to Ella’s Deli for the first time!  Mommy, Grandpa, and Grandma got ice cream while we were there (Mommy’s favorite), while I got to look at all the cool things inside.  They had circus decor on the walls, tables, floors, and yes – even the ceiling!  It was awesome!






Grandpa and Grandma also said that going to Ella’s brought back memories when they took Mommy there as a little girl.  I guess some things never change as Grandma says she has a picture of Mommy when she was little at Ella’s Deli with a great big smile on her face because she had a great big banana split in front of her!  While I didn’t get a banana split, I did get to go on my first Carousel ride with Grandma.  She even picked out the Packers horse for me to ride because she knew Daddy would like that one!





Mommy also took a video of Grandma and I on the Carousel.  Check it out, I had so much fun!





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