40 Weeks Old, Time Flies!

Can you believe that I’m 9 months old already?!  Time flies!  I’ve now been outside of Mommy’s tummy as long as I was inside – yay, me!

Mommy and I had my 9 month appointment last week, and I’m happy to report that all is good with me and my development thus far.  As for my growth charts, I now weigh 21 lbs. and am in the 67th percentile for weight.   My length slowed down a bit at 28.5 inches and in the 55th percentile.  As for my head circumference, it continues to trend above average (thank you, Daddy) at 18.1 inches and in the 78th percentile.  Man, I am getting big!  And look out ladies, I’m going to be a charmer (just like my Daddy “thinks” he is!).




Mommy, Daddy, and I also went to La Fete de Marquette this weekend to check out the bands and festivities.  By the time we got there (after going to Art Fair on the Square, the Farmer’s Market, and lunch), I was ready for a nap.  However, the bands were so loud that it kept interrupting my slumber (how rude)!  … but, I still woke up happy!


20140712_150732 (1)


One thought on “40 Weeks Old, Time Flies!

  1. Great job, Brady! You are truly special and make your parents proud! Grumpa and Grandma love, miss, and wish that you were closer. Time spent with you and your parents is a treat indeed, will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, Thought it was about time I tried to make a comment on your blog. Lots of love, Grumpa!

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