43 Weeks At The Driving Range

Who says you’re too young to golf at 10 months old?  Last weekend, Daddy and I (Mommy too) took our skills to the driving range once again!  Daddy bought us a “Big George” bucket of balls to take some practice swings since he hasn’t been able to golf much yet this summer.  I watched closely and took some notes as he had several good drives.  Maybe next year at this time I’ll be out on the greens with him?!  Mommy even took some practice swings and showed off her “skills” (which further prove she will never have a career in golfing), while Daddy and I watched from a distance.  It’s safer to watch from a distance when Mommy is swinging a golf club because you never know where her ball is going to end up!  Sometimes it will ricochet off the roof or only go a few feet… she tries though.  Mommy and Daddy also let me take a turn.  Since I can’t swing a club yet, I just played with a few balls on the range mat – it was fun and I was really concentrating on where I wanted to place each ball (it’s never too early to start strategizing)!

20140803_124333 20140803_124319 20140803_124315 20140803_124313 (1) 20140803_124312


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