45 Weeks and Lovin’ The Water

That’s right, I love the water!  I love baths.  I love my little pool.  I love the big pool.  And I love to splash and play in the water with Bruno!  So, last weekend can be summed up in one word … AWESOME!!  Not only did I get to play in my little pool with my alligator sprinkler on the deck (with Bruno too!), but I also got to go to Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells with Mommy and Daddy!  I got to play in the “big” (kiddie) pools, where I could splash and swing!  I also went in the tube with Mommy and Daddy down the lazy river.  I had so much fun that I want to do it all over again next weekend!  Anyone want to join me?!

Playing in my pool (and with my alligator sprinkler) on the deck

20140816_132813Kisses for Mommy!


Bruno likes my pool too!







20140816_135544 (1)Playing in the water at Noah’s Ark

20140817_132359 20140817_132402 20140817_132526 20140817_133152 20140817_133252 20140817_135635 20140817_135931 20140817_135939 20140817_140240


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