47 Weeks and Celebrating My 1st Birthday … A Little Early

“Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday Dear Brady… Happy Birthday to Me!!”

Even though my birthday party was a little early (ok, a month early!), I still had a great time celebrating my 1st birthday with all my family and friends!  Thank you to everyone who was able to spend the afternoon with me, and those who thought about me on my special day.  I had so much fun opening gifts, eating cake, and spending time with all of you!  I also want to thank everyone for all the cool gifts… you are so generous and thoughtful, and I’ve been having so much fun playing with my new toys, reading my new books, and wearing my new clothes!!

Check out some of the pictures and videos that Daddy took at my party (good work, Daddy!)


Opening my presents

20140830_142749 20140830_142907

20140830_142258 20140830_14234120140830_143121 20140830_143216 20140830_143913

Cake time!!  Thank you Grandma Heppner for making my birthday cake and smash cake – you did an AWESOME job and it tasted so good … I think I have a sweet tooth like Mommy!

20140830_150035 20140830_150214 20140830_150617 20140830_151015 20140830_151047 20140830_151212 20140830_151217

Check out the video too…  I think Daddy (and Grandpa) had just as much fun sticking their fingers into my cake as I did!

P.S. Check out ‘MyBirthday’ page (at the top) for even more party pictures!


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