51 Weeks… Halloween in September?

Dressing up in my costume for Halloween came a little early this year (or at least part 1)… Daddy bought me a Halloween costume shortly after I was born last year (he needed to get those after Halloween deals!), but it doesn’t look like it will fit me for Halloween this year 😦 Daddy bought me an 18-month Pooh Bear costume, but I think we’re going to have to shop for something in 24 months/2T (I’m a lot bigger than Mommy and Daddy expected)!  If I have to wear something on my head, we may even need to go a little bit bigger (as Mommy could barely get the velcro of the Pooh Bear’s head to stay under my chin – she really had to pull and squeeze my “big brain” into it … once again, thank you Daddy for my above average head circumference)!  She also couldn’t get me zipped up in the back or everything snapped!

Daddy’s new plan is to have Bruno and I dress up as the fox and the hound (Bruno would be fox!) for Halloween.  We’re not having much success finding these costumes though … so I guess you’ll just have to wait until Halloween to see what Bruno and I are going to be!

20140924_184432-1 20140924_184527-1 20140924_184556-1 20140924_184621 (1) 20140924_184655-1


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