Happy Birthday to Me… I’m 1!

Wow! Can you believe it?  I’m officially 1!!  Daddy says I need to act like a “big boy” now because I’m no longer a baby.  LOL, Daddy!  And if you’re wondering, I had a pretty great birthday yesterday!  My day started with Mommy and Daddy coming into my room to sing Happy Birthday to me…  I didn’t exactly know what to think – it was early, they were singing, and I had just woke up!  But, I just looked at them … waiting for them to finish so I could get out of my crib and snuggle with Mommy a bit before she had to leave for work.  They finally did finish 🙂

At daycare, I got to celebrate with some cupcakes, and then I opened my present from the kids when Mommy picked me up… more toys (yay!), plus a balloon that I played with the whole way to (and from) Ella’s Deli where Mommy and Daddy took me to eat last night.  After dinner, which resulted in me getting my macaroni and cheese all over because I wanted to feed myself, and with my own fork (I am 1 now!), I went on another carousel ride with Mommy.  This time I rode on the Wisconsin Badgers horse and would watch for Daddy every time Mommy and I came around.

After my carousel ride, we headed home for bath time and bedtime.  Mommy and Daddy are going to have me open up a few more presents this weekend (Daddy is still in the process of shopping for a gift from him!), and then my birthday celebrations will conclude… until next year!

Cupcakes at daycare.  I’ll just use one finger so I don’t get messy…



…or give me a fork and I’ll smash it 🙂


At Ella’s Deli.  So much to look at!

20141006_170437 20141006_170435 20141006_170122


20141006_165610 20141006_165617 20141006_170246 20141006_170228


Time to eat!

20141006_172907 20141006_172906

20141006_172940 20141006_172929 20141006_172857 20141006_172838 20141006_172734

Riding on the carousel with Mommy

20141006_174603 20141006_174534


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me… I’m 1!

  1. Brady, Happy Birthday again, you are sure a blessing and quite handsome, just like Grandpa. Lots of love from the Chili Folks.

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