55 Weeks and A New Place to Play

A few weeks ago I discovered a new place to play!  At first, I had a hard time getting to this place without a little assistance (I needed a chair or two moved so I could squeeze in).  But now I’ve mastered getting into and out of this place all by myself.  I even play in this place when we’re away from home.  Where is this place?  Well, it’s something that everyone has… it’s under the dining room table!  Yep, that’s right…  I love playing under the table!  At first, I couldn’t figure out how to get under our table when all the chairs were pushed in, so I could only crawl and climb under there when Mommy and Daddy were sitting at the table (and yes, Mommy always has the chairs pushed in!).  However, through persistence, I learned that I could crawl on my tummy and pull myself to the center of the table by going under all the chairs.  Sometimes I would forget that I needed to keep my face close to the floor and I’d lift up my head too soon, but I’m tough so I’d put it back to the floor and keep wiggling myself through!  And now, I’ve discovered that I’m strong enough to move the chairs by myself!  So now I can pull them out when I want to play, which is much easier than wiggling my way through on my tummy 🙂

20141003_085041 20141003_085024 20141003_085014 20141003_085011



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