56 Weeks and My Second Vacation!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Mommy, Daddy, and I took another vacation last week… wahoo!!  We went to Wisconsin Dells and had a blast!  I don’t think there is much that I can say other than, “IT WAS AWESOME!”  Check out the pictures and videos for yourself!

Pictures and videos from the waterpark:

20141031_105227 20141031_105257 20141031_105320

Pictures and videos playing games:

20141031_180459 20141031_180447 20141101_093644 20141031_160530 20141031_160502 20141031_160116 20141031_10265720141031_162254

Happy Halloween!

20141031_174254 20141031_173821 20141031_173132

In the hotel room … eatin’ and playin’:

20141031_145538 20141031_145537 20141031_145405 20141031_145402 20141031_145018 20141031_081928 20141031_080250 20141030_185701 20141030_185659

That’s it, everyone!  As you can see, we had a great time!  I think we’ll need to do this again soon!  Mommy and Daddy, can we?  Please?



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