59 & 60 Weeks… Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry for the delay this week and not posting anything last week, folks!  With the holidays – Happy (belated) Thanksgiving by the way – I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and write.  However, I still found time to play … I guess you could say that I know my priorities! 🙂

Last week was my second Thanksgiving, and this year I was able to indulge in all the goodness of turkey, sweet potatoes, gravy, and stuffing.  Yum!!  My favorite, however, was the sweet potatoes… Daddy even had to go back and get me seconds!

After a full day of eating (definitely one of my top three favorite things to do), I got to spend the next day playing with Mommy, Grandma Meissner, Aunt Dawn, and my cousins – yea!

Check out some of the pictures and video that Mommy took of me playing at Grandpa & Grandma Meissner’s house.  I love to play!

20141129_145440 20141129_145445 20141129_145648


One thought on “59 & 60 Weeks… Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Please let me know next time when I’ll be pictured on Brady’s website- I’d like to dress up a little more, maybe put my bleepin’ cell phone down, at least smile and look alive!
    Good thing the cutie is out front, so maybe people look past his cute face to see the blob in the background. And, Brady, for future reference- I do love you up when you are around, as much as I can. I do not just sit by and text… which would be entirely super rude.

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