63 and 64 Weeks Celebrating the Holidays

Sorry for the delay in my posts the past couple weeks everyone.  I’ve been busy.  I’ve been sledding, playing with my cousins, opening gifts, playing with my new toys (actually the boxes and paper were my favorite!), dancing, and eating lots of good food!

Mommy, Daddy, Bruno, and I just got home this week from spending several days at Grandpa & Grandma Heppner’s house, and then several days at Grandpa & Grandma Meissner’s house.  Check out some of the pictures and videos that Mommy and Daddy took of me over the past couple of weeks.  We haven’t celebrated Christmas at my house yet (that happens tomorrow on New Year’s Day), but I’ve already had a lot of fun!  Thank you again to everyone for all the great gifts, food, and memories.  I had so much fun and enjoyed spending time with each and every one of you!  Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Sledding with Daddy down Grandpa & Grandma Heppner’s hill

20141224_152023 20141224_152021

Sitting at my own “little” table at Grandpa & Grandma Heppner’s


Getting a bath in Grandpa & Grandma’s “old fashioned” tub


Christmas Eve at Grandpa & Grandma Heppner’s

20141224_184944 20141224_175255 20141224_174153 20141224_173922

Christmas Day at Grandpa & Grandma Meissner’s (I loved playing in all the wrapping paper and with the boxes!!)

20141225_112344 20141225_112303 20141225_112255 20141225_103507

Dancing with my cousin Mia (in a present box, which was awesome!) to one of Grandma Meissner’s musical snowmen



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