65 Weeks and Celebrating Christmas with Mama, Dada, and Bruno

Mama, Dada, Bruno and I celebrated Christmas together on New Year’s Day.  If I had to describe it in one word, I would say AWESOME!!  And I can’t wait until next year!

We started our New Year’s (Christmas) celebration on New Year’s Eve, with dinner at Watertower Chophouse in Sun Prairie.  The food was good and I was on my best behavior…


While none of us (Bruno included) stayed up to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, we rung in the New Year with lots of presents (in addition to a few items in our stockings).  And actually, Bruno’s favorite gift was a $2 ball that he got in his stocking.  Just ask Daddy about it.  Daddy is already ready to return it because he is tired of throwing it 100x’s per day for Bruno (no joke)!


I also helped Bruno open some of his other gifts in his stocking…


After we opened the gifts in our stockings, we headed downstairs to open the gifts under the tree…

20150101_08450520150101_085016I took the opportunity to play with a few of my toys that we have downstairs too… 🙂

20150101_085029 20150101_085056

Opening my gifts was so much fun… and guess what else?  The biggest presents were for me!!

20150101_085222 20150101_085254 20150101_08582420150101_090415

A couple of my favorite gifts were my rocking colt and kitchen…



BUT, my favorite is still playing with the wrapping paper and boxes (especially a pink box that one of Mama’s gifts was in)!


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!  And wishing you a bright and prosperous 2015!


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