66 Weeks And Playing With My New Toys

I must have been a really good boy last year because I sure did get a lot of new toys for Christmas!  Thank you to everyone for your generosity and all the cool gifts!!  While I love playing with ALL my new toys, here are some highlights of a few that Mommy and Daddy took pictures and/or videos of…

My new kitchen from Mommy, Daddy, and Bruno

20150102_075042 20150102_075027 20150102_074930

Thank you Mommy, Daddy (and Bruno?!) for putting my kitchen together!  Mommy named herself the “Decal Master,” Daddy was the “Construction Man” and Bruno … well, Bruno slept the entire time!!

20150101_201756 (1)20150101_20203520150101_201818

Now I have my own kitchen to play with and don’t need to play in Mommy’s kitchen anymore!  Although, I probably still will 🙂

20150103_075801 20150103_075924 20150103_082337

My new Go! Go! Smart Wheels Amazement Park from Grandpa & Grandma Heppner, Aunt Angela, Uncle Chad and my cousins.  It’s as tall as I am and I can race two cars at the same time!


My new “Dusty” 6V Ride on Quad from Grandpa & Grandma Meissner… I haven’t figured out how to steer it yet, but I like to push the button to make the propeller spin and the other button to make it move.  I’ve only ran into the walls a few times 🙂

20150110_163121 20150110_163117-1

My new bath toy from Grandpa & Grandma Meissner… I play with it every night when I get a bath!

20150101_190308 (1)

My new broom and dustpan from Bruno … now I can help Mommy clean the house and “do everything” just like Daddy!

20150101_095239 (1)

I even vacuum … although, Mommy’s vacuums are cooler than mine – they’re so much bigger!

20150103_181900 20150103_181855 20150103_181816

My new safari play tent from Mommy, Daddy, and Bruno is pretty cool too.  It even has a tunnel that I can crawl through!  And yes, so much for Daddy’s “man cave” downstairs… my toys have taken over half of our basement!  It’s AWESOME!!

20150110_182840 20150110_182816 20150110_182651

My new musical play mat from Aunt Dawn & Roe.  I don’t usually just lay on it, but this day I was extremely tired because it was right before nap time!

20150111_095624 20150111_095529

My new rocking horse from Mommy, Daddy, and Bruno … yeehaw!  Sometimes I get a little daring and stand up on it while rocking… it’s a good thing that Mommy picked out one that is completely padded!  I also like to press the buttons to start and stop the music!!  And yes, Mommy and Daddy already have the four songs memorized!

Thank you again to everyone for all my cool toys, now I need to get back to playing!!  When you’re 1, that’s a pretty high priority!


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