67 Weeks and My First Time to Kids In The Rotunda This Year

The original draft of my post this week was actually going to talk about how my “special” outfit was a good luck charm for the Packers, now that they would be on their way to the Super Bowl.  However, things didn’t go as I originally hoped.  So, I’ll give you a little update on what else we did last weekend (as Daddy doesn’t want to hear about the Packers anymore!!)

Well, I always knew that I was a ladies man.  I can attract them just like Daddy (that’s how he got Mommy) – all I have to do is stand there, give them the Meissner smile, and they flock to me!!  Check out some of the pictures and video that Mommy and Daddy took from Kids In The Rotunda at the Overture.  The video gives you a little glimpse of my skills.  Look out, ladies!


And… (since I’m sure you’re all curious) here is a pic of my “special” Packers outfit.  I wanted to be comfy in my jammies just like Daddy… the solution?  I put on my Rodgers jersey over my polar bear jammies!!  As Daddy would say, “I only get results – BOOM!” Now only if the Packers would have won…



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