69 Weeks and So Many Places to Sit!

Sorry for the delay in posting a blog again this week, everyone.  Mommy and I haven’t been feeling very well and had to make a couple trips to the doctor.  One time for me, and one time for Mommy…

However, Mommy was able to do some online shopping (which I love because then I have new boxes to play with), and of course, I wasn’t too sick to play either 🙂  I needed to take a few breaks from playing though, so I found myself a few new places to sit down… in a new box from Mommy’s purchases, in Bruno’s toy basket, and in Mommy’s bowls!  Check out a few of the pictures that Mommy took:

IMG_20150206_160204366_TOP IMG_20150206_160208006 IMG_20150206_160212903_TOP IMG_20150206_160222510 IMG_20150206_160255944_TOP IMG_20150207_122755962IMG_20150208_173306285


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