77 Weeks… 15 Weeks… And Just Another Day in SP

Brady says:

It finally happened.  I had to start my new daycare yesterday.  While I was a little apprehensive, and would have liked to go right back out the door with Daddy, I did good my first day.  In fact, as soon as Daddy was gone, I decided to start playing with all the new toys and other kids because I knew I was stuck there until Mommy picked me after work.  And you know what?  I actually had a lot of fun!

At my new daycare, there are a couple kids older than me, a couple kids younger than me, and one little girl named Ivy who is about the same age as me.  Ivy and I played with eachother most of the day, as she was very intrigued by me.  I’m not sure if it was because I was new, or if I’m a charmer, but I’d like to think it’s the latter 🙂  And as much as I loved my old daycare, I think my new brother or sister and I are going to like it there.

I’ve also been practicing my “big brother skills” by helping out Daddy (I need to set a good example for my little brother or sister).  Daddy brewed a new batch of beer a couple weeks ago so it was time to bottle.  First, we needed to sanitize all the bottles so I helped Daddy get them all into the dishwasher.  In the words of Daddy, “I do everything!”

IMG_20150308_095243363_TOP  IMG_20150308_095302754

Baby says:

This week I’m 15 weeks old, and looking more like baby now that I’m 4.5″ long.  I’m about the size of an orange, and even though Mommy can’t feel me, I’m kicking my little arms and legs all the time.  I’m continuing to grow big and strong everyday, and can’t wait until I get to make my big debut.  Check out my announcement and baby polls at the top of this page.  And check out the results of the polls to see what other family and friends think!


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